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SINTODENT, a company made of ideas and people

SINTODENT is the first company that have produced a high quality resin resistant to bacterial attack, strong for the chewing force (404.2 ± 22 Mpa), with zero degree cytotoxicity. This is scientifically proven by our studies published worldwide and performed by prestigious universities and highly qualified professionals.

In SINTODENT we have a simple concept: to produce a resin for the realization of products that are resistant to bacterial attack, meant not to be a transmission vehicle for the tissues.

We produce a resin that resists so much to the chewing load, that not only reduces the fracture of the temporaries and maintain the functional stability high, but will also lead to the development of a sustainable dentistry accessible to the less rich classes (Cad-Cam). We produce a cytotoxic zero degree resin that helps to maintain a high level quality standards of the dentists and dental technicians work environment.

We like to think that the quality of the work that clinicians and technicians deliver to patients is determined in a small part by the work we do.

This is the kind of responsibility we take along our path.

SINTODENT is a class IIa medical device complying with Directive 93/42/EEC. SINTODENT has passed all the biocompatibility tests required by the current regulations for class II A medical devices and the international standard UNI EN iISO 10993 – Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices – in this case: cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitization.

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